sad girl


i really don't appay attention to this thing anymore
just add me on myspace if ya wanna know what's goin on with my life and shit
if you even care
sad girl

haha wooooow

i don't even like update in this thing anymore :9
oh well
i'm taking digital photography in school
so maybe i'll have some pictures for you soon XD
but for now
life kinda sucks :(
sad girl


Catch 22, Whole Wheat Bread, and the Fad are amazing!!!
the mosh/skank/crypt walk/everything was awesome!
and i love who i went really, i do.
sad girl

twas fun

well, today i tested out my camera
here's the pictures for your enjoyment
eh, they're not that great :(
they'll get better tho

plusss, i didn't resize em because they look better big
so don't say you weren't warned
why, i dont knowCollapse )
sad girl

it was grand

well, yesterday, i slept over Krissy's house
she had this big ass family BBQ
i wanted to go to Jeremy's BBQ for a little bit since Krissy's was over
but I couldn't get a ride :(
then this morning, Krissy, her mom, her aunt and I all went to the city
because Krissy's aunt's from Florida so she was all excited
and I was their tour guide...i was suprised i didnt get us lost haha
we went to the Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Center, Ground Zero, St.Patricks Cathedral and Times Sqaure
we had two taxi rides, went on the subway, and rode one of those bikes (the one where the guy bike rides and two people sit in the back)
I also got checked out by some dude, but mom shooed him off by telling him how young i was, haha
umm...yeah, i didn't know i was going to the city (total suprise) so i didn't have my cam
but mom and krissy did so i'll take pics from them yeah, that was my two days
there was lots more but im not gonna go into it
too tired
sad girl


someone kidnap me?
i'll love you forever and ever
yes, i'm too pussy to actually run away
so just kidnap me
sad girl

Por mi famila...spread the word

well, long island is getting way expensive now
so my uncle needs tutees
he's a spanish teacher
but since that's not enough income to pay all the bills
he needs to start tutoring kids on the side

so anyone in the wantagh area who needs spanish tutoring reply to this post!!!55 dollars an hour. that's a pretty good price considering i got a tutor for 80 :(

thank you!!!